Leak of the Week – GoPro Karma Images in Circulation

Perhaps in a sign that not a lot is going on in the world of consumer drones at the moment, supposed leaks are beginning to become big news. The leak in question this week is alleged – and we should really stress the ‘alleged’ part – to be a preview of what the long-awaited GoPro […]

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Is This the Start of the Drone Art Industry?

The great thing about art is its subjectivity. One man’s trash is another’s masterpiece. With that spirit in mind, it’s no surprise that paintings by elephants are on the market, or that certain modern pieces sell for thousands of dollars. So what’s this got to do with drones? Well, scientists at McGill University are developing a quad that […]

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DronetheWorld Video of the Week! The Upper Danube!

Each week we feature a video sent to us by Dronetheworld.com, a site that collects and maps drone videos from around the world. from the folks at DronetheWorld: Variety is the salt in the soup, so we share a fixed wing video this week with you. Enjoy and feel free like a bird. Have a […]

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Wingsland S6 — Total Recreational Drone with 4K camera

Wingsland S6The reason crowdfunded drones fail frequently was neatly underlined this week by Wingsland. Unless you have been living under a rock you cannot have missed all the folding platforms being announced at the minute. On LinkedIn of all places Wingsland marketing type Antwan Rao teased a new platform. Entertainment should belong to all of us, pleasant moments […]

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Embry-Riddle Worldwide Offers Online Professional Courses in Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Beginning August 1

embryriddleaircraftAcross the globe, small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS; under 55 lbs.) are rapidly transforming businesses and industries as we know them. From individual enthusiasts to major corporations, sUAS users are harnessing the power of these systems, while striving to keep up with the industry’s ever-evolving technology and legal regulations. That is why Embry-Riddle Worldwide created […]

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An Introduction to UK Drone Regulations

Note: This is a guest post from Sam over at Heliguy, one of the leading drone retailers and training companies in the UK. While there aren’t currently any recognized Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) licenses in UK aviation law, it’s essential that those wanting to pilot drones have a basic understanding of existing guidelines. These are detailed in both the Air Navigation… Read more →

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Amazon Given Go Ahead to Test Prime Air in the UK

Retail giant Amazon has long been offering previews of its plans to make drone delivery services a reality. And while the technology has arguably been in place to make it happen for a while now, America’s FAA haven’t been too hospitable to the idea. In fact, in some quarters the Federal Aviation Authority has been …

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