CAA Drone Training in Manchester – Earn your PfAW

Heliguy are proud to announce that their CAA Drone Training Course has now been improved with the addition of a new location in Manchester.

Our courses will help drone pilots secure a permission for aerial work from the CAA, which allows them to fly drones commercially, in a huge range of industries.

Drone Training Manchester

Why do I need to take a drone training course?

If you’re a hobbyist flying your drone at very low altitude in your back garden, then it’s unlikely you need any kind of licence or qualification to use your UAV.

However, the CAA has published guidelines as to when a drone pilot may need to hold a Permission for Aerial Work (PfAW) before flying:

If you want to use a small unmanned aircraft or drone outside of the operating limits set out in the Air Navigation Order then you will need Permission from the CAA, even if your activity is non-commerical.

If you’re running a business and using your UAV as a way to generate income, in any way, shape or form, you’ll need a PfAW to ensure that you’re flying your drone legally and safely.

If you plan on doing any commercial activity with your drone, you’ll need to have undertaken some form of training and secured permissions before being able to fly legally.

Book Drone Training Course in Manchester

While most amateur drone pilots will be unlikely to be operating outside the Air Navigation Order limits, commercial drone pilots are much more likely to do so.

That’s where Heliguy come in. Our CAA approved drone training will help prepare you to secure a PfAW.

Don’t put your business at risk! Make sure that anybody responsible for piloting drones in your business holds a PfAW before operating commercially.

What will I learn on the course?

We’ve covered this in detail in our other blog posts relating to our CAA courses.

In Manchester, things won’t be any different.

Here is an overview of how the 4 days of the course will progress, from introducing important concepts, right through to planning a commercial drone flight and taking a theory exam.

Manchester Drone Training Overview

Where in Manchester will I take the course?

Heliguy have secured a brand new training venue for our upcoming Manchester drone training courses.

The new venue is the beautiful Shrigley Hall Hotel, specifically in the comfortable Stafford Suite. The location is very simple to access from Manchester, with accessibility from Macclesfield train station, the M6 motorway and Manchester Airport.

Set in the glorious surroundings of the Peak District, it’s a wonderful place to train.

The venue also provides free WiFi, free refreshments all day and Unlimited fruit! All of which will help make the course more enjoyable.

When can I take this course in Manchester?

The next date available for our CAA course is:

6th – 9th September 2016

Don’t forget that with Heliguy you can also get 0% finance on any CAA training course through our Pay4Later system.

As a business, this can help you manage your cashflow as you begin generating income from UAVs.

Any More Questions?

The Heliguy team are always happy to help with any questions you might have about our training courses.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to call 0191 296 1024 or email us at

Hopefully we’ll be seeing some of you in Manchester in the coming months!

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