DJI Release ‘Osmo Mobile’


It seems the rumours were true regarding the Osmo gimbal for mobile devices. DJI have unveiled the Osmo Mobile at the IFA 2016 expo in Berlin providing the ability to efficiently stabilise stills and footage taken with your mobile device.

An All New Osmo

This new version of the Osmo features a customizable joystick (for variables such as sensitivity and pan or tilt inversion), full camera control which rivals a professional setup including ISO, shutter and white balance setting, as well as an impressive battery life of up to 4.5 hours.

DJI’s Osmo app offers a variety of features which include long exposures, panoramas and time-lapses that allow for slow panning shots. To change between these modes, you simply pull the trigger. Pull it three times in quick succession and you activate the front-facing camera.

There is also an active tracking mode (which will be familiar to those who own DJI drones). To use this feature, you draw an outline around an object on your device’s screen which the Osmo will then follow as you move around. We’ve heard that this works best when rotating the phone smoothly with the gimbal to keep your target in the frame.

Capture Every Moment

The Osmo Mobile features support for live-streaming video via YouTube, Weibo and Facebook Live, and its tracking features make it ideal for vloggers, documenting parties and people looking to capture special events without a larger professional rig.

Compatible with a range of accessories and highly accessible to appeal to those looking for a better way to shoot with their mobile device, the Osmo Mobile is available for pre-order from today


Take a look at some images of the Osmo Mobile below:



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