DJI Releasing New ‘Mavic’ Quadcopter


There’s never a dull moment with DJI and it looks as though another announcement from the Chinese drone giant is imminent.

August 15th 2016 saw DJI trademark the name ‘Mavic’. The description of this trademark reads as follows:

“Software for the development and also operation of robot tools, drones, unmanned aerial cars (UAVs), unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and remote (RC) aircraft.”

Now, almost a month on it seems that we’ve got our first look at this enigmatic new quadcopter.

A New Approach From DJI

The DJI Mavic appears to be a small transformable camera drone, aimed at consumers looking for an aircraft that’s easy to bring anywhere. The latest drone from DJI will feature a transformable design, allowing the arms and rotors to fold into the quadcopters body for convenient storage and transport.

See below for a recently leaked image:


Image Unconfirmed by DJI

It’s not just the appearance of the Mavic that’s being discussed, some leaked specifications have also been doing the rounds online. Apparently, this new quadcopter will feature:

  • A 4K Camera and two-axis gimbal
  • 300m OFDM digital wifi link
  • Foldable arms for ease of transport
  • Weight: 1.43lbs
  • An integrated LCD Display running the Android OS
  • 3S 3830mAh 11.1v battery

Expanding on these specs, Heliguy has also heard rumours of how this new drone will operate. The Mavic’s front arms fold forward from the rear of its body and will then lock in on either side of the drone’s camera casing. The arms which sit near the front of the Mavic during transport will fold back to the rear. This nifty design means that the propellers are on top of the motors once the arms are extended and ready for flight.

Judging by the leaked images the Mavic will be a bit smaller than we’re used to from the Shenzhen drone manufacturers. This is also evident from images of a battery which were leaked last month. The 3S 3830mAh 11.1v on display below couldn’t sustain a sizeable drone but would be ideal for the Mavic.


Image Unconfirmed by DJI

Staying Ahead of the Competition

While DJI had primarily focussed on premium products, as drones become more mainstream, the market for smaller, simpler and cheaper aircraft is beginning to see rapid growth. Companies like Yuneec (with their selfie-centred ‘Breeze’ model) have already aimed for this consumer base and are looking to make a killing over the holiday season.

It looks like the Mavic may be DJI’s answer to this lively competition.

There are currently rumours circulating about a release date of September 15th which would put it head to head with the long-gestating GoPro Karma which will reportedly be revealed on September 19th. DJI are keen to stay ahead in all areas of the drone ecosystem and producing an affordable alternative to their Phantom quadcopter range may just be what’s needed to capture the consumers searching for a lower price point.

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