SGS DRONE DAY ! Network, Learn earn your Advanced Safety Certificate.

skyfutureslaunchSGS North America and the world’s leading drone inspection company ‘Sky-Futures’ are partnering to co-host an informative presentation on commercial drone operations followed by the most advanced drone safety course available. Commercial Drone Operations. (FREE, 1 hour duration) What are drones being used for and what is SGS currently doing with drones, current technologies and […]

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Tougher French Drone Laws Introduced

Tougher French drone laws are in the works, as France’s parliament announced that a new set of laws for recreational drones will be enacted within a few weeks. France was the surprise leader in commercial drone investment at the beginning of this year. It is home to leading drone manufacturer Parrot as well as drone solutions […]

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Last day to enter the Flying Robot international Film Festival

Have you got an epic movie you made with a drone? The last day to submit entries to San Francisco’s Flying Robot International Film Festival is October 1. The film festival returns for its second year on Thursday, November 17 at San Francisco’s Roxie Theatre, with categories including Cinematic Narrative, Epic Landscape, Drones for Good, FPV/Aerial Sports, LOL WTF, … Continue reading Last day to enter the Flying Robot international Film Festival

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Skywalker Wall-E 2000

skywalker-wall-e-2000It is Skywalker’s latest masterpiece that acts as long-rang cruise professional aerial survey aircraft. WALL-E 2000 has three active canopy hatches that made of translucent frosted sheet. It is not only have beautiful appearance, but also very convenient and practical. The inner space of cabin adopts lamination processing that increases one times of available area […]

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Virtual Reality in Agriculture, Now We’re Talkin’

body-shotThere has been a lot of buzz around drones in agriculture over the last few years. Companies are racing to equip themselves with faster systems, that can fly longer and process data faster. There have been discussions about the benefits of NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), and how farmers are using it to help detect […]

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